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Thrasio of India receives $40 million in startup funding from 10club

10club, a six-month-old Indian business launching a Thrasio-like venture, announced on Tuesday that it had raised $40 million in one of the region’s largest early financing rounds. The round was headed by Fireside Ventures (a well-known Indian consumer and hardware tech investor) and an undisclosed worldwide investor, according to the Indian startup, which did not […]


Microsoft Showcases Windows 11 With Sleeker Visuals and Android App Support


RIL AGM: 5G phones are expected to be released alongside a bonus issuance and dividend announcement


The data of 4.5 million passengers were taken in a cyberattack on SITA, according to Air India


After an outage that knocked out Australia’s major banks and airline systems, Akamai has apologized


The solar energy sector in India may soon be disrupted by Reliance

According to Harshvardhan Dole, Vice President, IIFL, Reliance’s push into green energy, notably solar panel production, has far-reaching implications for the entire supply chain. Excerpts from an interview on RIL AGM that have been edited: At the RIL AGM, a number of significant announcements were made. Let’s discuss about the main points and the new […]


India’s new bad bank is looming over a $27 billion mountain of stressed debt

The new organisation, which is expected to begin operations by the end of June, is expected to handle $27 billion in stressed debt over time, accounting for roughly a fifth of the non-performing loan load. A bad bank slated to open this month in India could help lower one of the world’s worst bad-loan piles, […]

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Taking care of your employees’ health should begin with the correct medical coverage

We are all going through some of the most difficult periods we have ever experienced in our lives. COVID has been eye-opening in many ways. But the most striking realisation in the last 15 months for everyone has been the necessity for proper health coverage to help us finance the treatment we require.The year 2021 has been designated as the Year of Mass Vaccination, and practically all employers are planning vaccination efforts for their employees and families, in addition to other COVID prevention measures. However, the loss of precious lives and growing hospital expenditures that many couldn't afford made us

TCL intends to release a more affordable 5G smartphone as well as a 5G tablet in the near future

With a price tag of under €299, the TCL 20 5G was introduced in January as TCL's most cheap 5G smartphone. This year, TCL plans to release an even more inexpensive smartphone, as well as its first 5G tablet.Stefan Streit, TCL Communication's Chief Marketing Officer, presented the information in the global product introduction video for MWC 2021. TCL's objective, according to the company, is to bring 5G to everyone, and one way to do so is to put a 5G smartphone in the hands of people.The phone will boast NXTVISION display technology and a high-performance refresh rate, in addition to

Microsoft Showcases Windows 11 With Sleeker Visuals and Android App Support

Microsoft has launched Windows 11, the next edition of its Windows operating system, which has improved aesthetic features. It comes with a new Start button, a redesigned task bar and sounds, and a slew of under-the-hood enhancements aimed at improving performance and efficiency. Third-party programmes are also more welcome with Windows 11. Windows 11 will be the successor to Microsoft's current Windows 10, which was released six years ago in 2015.Windows 11 will be available later this year on new PCs and other devices, as well as as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.Third-party apps are more welcome with

Vivo V21e 5G goes on sale today: how to watch it online, what to expect in terms of price in India, and more

The Vivo V21e 5G will be launched in India today at 5 p.m.It will be streamed live exclusively on Vivo India's Instagram account.The Vivo V21e 5G is expected to cost around Rs 25,000 in India.Given the recent wave of leaks that revealed the Vivo V21e 5G's price in India, features, and other details, there isn't much left to the imagination. Vivo is planning a virtual event to debut the smartphone in India today, June 24th, at 5 p.m. The live broadcast of the Vivo V21e 5G launch event will be available only on Instagram. It could be because of the

Beginner’s Guide to Top 10 Data Science Projects

You've probably heard the suggestion "conduct data science projects" a thousand times as an aspiring data scientist.Data science projects not only help you learn more about the profession, but they also help you stand out from the crowd of data science aficionados wanting to break into it.However, not all data science projects can help you stand out on your CV. In fact, putting the wrong projects in your portfolio can be detrimental to your career.In this essay, I'll go over the projects that you should include on your resume.For each project, I will also offer you with sample datasets to

For a high-performing data scientist, there are five different ways to think

Your own skills or the type of challenge at hand may guide the way you think about a problem and the conceptual process you go through to discover a solution. Many mental models exist to represent various thinking patterns, and understanding diverse techniques as a Data Scientist can help you model data more effectively in the corporate sector and convey your findings to decision-makers.We cannot overlook the complexity of today's society, whether we examine the economy, firms that function inside the economy, individuals who play various roles in society, or how our physical, social, political, and industrial complex interact with

Major shifts: In 2020/21, where did analytics, data science, and machine learning come into play?

One of the benefits of having a long-running website like KDnuggets is the ability to look for trends and compare poll results to previous polls. When the latest poll findings are compared to earlier ones, significant differences emerge, with significant losses in several typical Data Science application areas such as CRM and significant growth in others such as Computer Vision, Agriculture, COVID, and Education.In 2020/21, where did you use analytics, data science, and machine learning?The results of this poll revealed considerable shifts in application areas. Computer Vision is the most popular topic (not asked in the 2018 poll), followed by

Amazon India has launched a summer school for machine learning

Amazon India has announced the beginning of its Machine Learning Summer School, an integrated learning programme designed to prepare students for careers in the technology industry.Engineering students in their pre-final and final year of their Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. courses are eligible to apply. The three-day ML Summer School curriculum will cover the principles of machine learning and connect them to practical commercial applications. Students will learn how to use Deep Learning and Probabilistic Graphical Models to solve challenges particular to the e-commerce industry, such as demand forecasting, catalog quality, product recommendations, search ranking, and online advertising.“With the pace of

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