Should Apple try to break into the global medicine market?


For many years, Apple has been the technology leader. Most people have come into contact with an Apple product in some way, whether it’s your iPhone or the MacBook you use at work. Apple products can be found all over the world. Apple, on the other hand, has recently been experimenting with a new market: health and wellness. The key aspect of this sector is that it is currently focused on health and wellbeing rather than medicine. Fitness is an example of health and wellness. Since you’ve been especially lazy lately, your Apple Watch might be reminding you to exercise right now. For many years, Apple has been at the forefront of technology. Most people, whether it’s your iPhone or your work MacBook, have come into contact with an Apple device. Apple products can be found in almost any place. Apple, on the other hand, has been experimenting with a new market recently: health and wellness. The crucial aspect of this industry is that it is currently focused on health and wellbeing rather than medicine. Fitness is an illustration of health and wellbeing. Since you’ve been especially lazy lately, your Apple Watch might be reminding you to exercise right now.

Wellness vs. Medicine
Aside from the obvious morality factor, the legal effect is the limiting factor in medicine. As terms and conditions concentrate on nutrition rather than drugs, a business like Apple will avoid litigation because they have always stated that their goal is to boost your fitness and wellbeing organization, rather than physically assisting you.

What are some of the ways Apple works in healthcare now?

  • Health
  • HeaalthKit
  • ResearchKit
  • Health Records
  • ECG app

If we use something to chart our moves, it’s most definitely the Health app on our iPhone. But I’m curious how many people have looked into the various health categories for which Apple offers monitoring and data. Here are a few of those groups:

Body Measurements
Sleep Vitals

Do you see a pattern developing? It’s because the primary goal of these applications or health categories is to monitor rather than change anything. Although monitoring has numerous, powerful advantages, it is important to remember that it is more focused on health, fitness, and wellness than on medicine.
However, there is one sector in which Apple has already begun to work, and that is the ECG app, which is focused on heart health. You will get irregular rhythm alerts with this app. This app is fantastic, but it will cause a slew of problems for users and Apple. Since this app is tracking something so important to you — your heart — you’re basically entrusting your heart rhythms to Apple, but it may be deceptive if it isn’t alerting you to a heart attack. In an emergency, however, it can still be beneficial to monitor, alert, and obtain aid faster.
As Apple expands beyond fitness and into more conventional areas of healthcare such as medicine, heart health, and much more, it’s interesting to ask if they can.

Blood Glucose Monitoring Benefit?

The One Drop Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit is one of Apple’s other items. This is another product that, by definition, is more medication than health, and it will be fascinating to see how Apple classifies this product in legal terms if anything goes wrong.

Here are some of the benefits of this product:

  • Blood glucose meter
  • Lancing device
  • Test Strips
  • The mobile app for both your iPhone and Apple Watch

What kinds of people will be the most benefited by Apple health? It’s possible that the people who use their goods the least are the ones who use them the least.

Regardless of how amazing the latest Apple product is, it would be helpful to promote not only essential health apps to younger people but also to older people in general that they should have an Apple product like an iPhone or Apple Watch to track their health.

More Details to Be Concerned About

The downside to having a lot of useful data and knowledge is that it can become very daunting. It’s so overwhelming that it defeats, if not outright defeats, the intent of the health app. Let’s say you get a new Apple product and begin monitoring your steps on a regular basis. You also enter a work competition to track your steps, and you find you’re in the last place and are falling behind. You get alerts when others take more measures than you. But multiply that by ten more fitness categories in the Health app, and you’ve got yourself a data overload. This information can be difficult to process, particularly when you’re constantly comparing yourself to not only others but also yourself. Maybe you never considered how many steps you took a year ago, but now it’s all you can think about: were you safe then, or are you healthier now that you’re under more stress?

Here are some topics to be concerned about as more information becomes available:
— evaluating yourself against yourself
— evaluating yourself against others

We know this isn’t a joke; just as self-image comparison is a major problem on social media, so could health, wellbeing, and fitness.

Data Protection
With more apps, content, and, eventually, data to ingest from these apps, comes the necessary protection. A question we could pose is whether Apple is offering a 1:1 security ratio with their increased data collection. Apple would need to be extremely secure now that it has almost all of our personal and health records.

Healthcare and Medicine is a Market That Hasn’t Been Used
Although we could wonder if it is advantageous for both us and Apple to enter the medicine market, we must keep in mind that healthcare technology is very outdated in some ways, and Apple’s technology’s universality and scalability may make for far more universal healthcare apps and knowledge, potentially helping more people more easily.

Will Apple fans really believe in it if it fails?
Another issue to consider is whether Apple consumers will remain loyal to their brand if it fails in the medicine or healthcare markets, or will they switch to another brand, such as Samsung? I don’t believe it’s anything to be concerned about. Apple makes some amazing goods, but it’s in this field where you’ll find the most personal information and products. As a result, the cost could be both highly advantageous and severely detrimental to Apple’s potential reputation and significance.

Last Thoughts
Apple is a fantastic business. Even though they almost never make mistakes or have glitches in their software, it is always necessary to challenge such a large corporation that affects so many people’s lives on a daily basis. It becomes even more important when the substance is related to health and, ultimately, medication.

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