You Should Know About These 10 Cool Cloud AI And Machine Learning Services

CRN examines several innovative cloud AI and machine learning offerings from leading cloud computing vendors, startups, and other providers. Last week, Google Cloud’s machine learning-powered Document AI platform, along with Lending DocAI and Procurement DocAI, became publicly accessible. It has already been used to process tens of billions of pages of documents for government agencies

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Programming Technology

How New Technology, Hyper-Scaler Clouds, and Leading Telecom Operators Are Working Together To Bring 5G To Life

By offering low latency and higher capacity on the network, 5G is obviously a new innovation that embraces many new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality. With 5G, telecom network workloads are moved to the cloud for the first time, resulting in a service-based architecture (SBA) in which the network is used

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