Why did this entrepreneur plan to start a global VC fund after starting two startups?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dhruv Washishth saw a void in the Indian startup and venture capital ecosystem: a need for a younger VC fund run by younger people. “The legacy funds have done an excellent job and have been excellent mentors, but I believe the next decade will be dominated by younger Indian entrepreneurs who

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Programming Technology

The All-Virtual Future Of Work 2021: India’s Largest Product, Engineering, Fintech, Analytics, And Design Summit Has Arrived

The two-day Future of Work 2021, India’s largest product, technology, and architecture summit, will bring together top CTOs, CPOs, data science heads, and software architects from all over the world. It’s finally here: the fourth edition of Future of Work! And we’re really looking forward to it. The two-day Future of Work 2021, India’s largest

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